Ex-Trump Official: Mueller Hasn’t Indicted Anyone for Collusion After 18 Months

By Fox News Insider. Former Trump administration official Michael Anton said Thursday that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has yet to indict anyone on charges related to collusion with Russia during the 2016 campaign.

The former National Security Council spokesman said Michael Cohen’s new guilty plea is another example of Mueller pursuing a “process” crime rather than pursuing collusion-related offenses, which was the original goal of the investigation.

Cohen, President Donald Trump’s former lawyer, made a second plea agreement with federal prosecutors in New York, reportedly admitting to lying to Congress in 2017 about a Trump real estate deal in Russia. . .

Cohen previously pleaded guilty in New York to violating federal campaign finance laws by arranging hush-money payments to women in 2016 “at the direction” of then-candidate Trump.

Anton asked on “America’s Newsroom” how long Mueller is going to investigate if he cannot charge anyone after 18 months on a charge related to Trump-Russia collusion. (Read more from “Ex-Trump Official: Mueller Hasn’t Indicted Anyone for Collusion After 18 Months” HERE)


Dershowitz Urges Trump Team to ‘Be Ready’: Mueller Won’t Release ‘Balanced, Fair Report’

By Fox News Insider. Alan Dershowitz said President Trump and his legal team have to be ready when Special Counsel Robert Mueller releases his findings in the Russia probe, because the American public should not be presented with a “one-sided report.”

Dershowitz, a Harvard Law professor emeritus, explained that Mueller — who’s investigating Russian election meddling and possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Moscow — is not going to produce a “neutral” report.

“He’s not going to be fair. He’s going to produce what he believes is going to be a devastating attack,” Dershowitz said. “They’re going to put together every bit of evidence and present a mosaic which points to the White House, the Oval Office, the president.”

He said that’s why he has suggested the president’s legal team demand that when Mueller’s report is released, they are able to simultaneously release their own report. . .

“Mueller is not going to produce a balanced, fair report,” he stated. (Read more from “Dershowitz Urges Trump Team to ‘Be Ready’: Mueller Won’t Release ‘Balanced, Fair Report'” HERE)

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