Pastor Asks Man Dressed as a ‘Drag Queen’ to Leave Church

A pastor asked a young male who showed up for a religious service in drag to go home and put on “man clothes.”

“I hold a standard in here,” Chicago Pastor Antonio Rocquemore said to the man dressed in women’s clothing. “Whatever you do on the outside is your business, but I would not let drag queens come in here.”

“When you come into this house, if you’re a man, dress as a man; if you’re a woman, dress as a woman,” added the pastor.

As Rocquemore continued to explain his request to the man, using the incident as a teachable moment, shouts of “amen” and applause from the congregation grew to a crescendo. . .

The brief drama which took place at Powerhouse International Ministries was captured in a cell phone video and posted along with a profanity-laden paragraph on Facebook by Christian James Lhuillier. Since it was first uploaded four days ago, the video has been viewed nearly a half million times. (Read more from “Pastor Asks Man Dressed as a ‘Drag Queen’ to Leave Church” HERE)

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