Photo Shows Drag Queen Story Hour Performer Exposing Crotch Near Children

A photograph shows a miniskirt-wearing Drag Queen Story Hour performer with an exposed crotch as children sit close by, according to a writer who attended the event earlier this month at Ridgedale Library in Minnetonka, Minnesota, and took the photo. . .

Taylor said performer Sasha Sota — who wore a pink miniskirt, spiked heels, and a shirt with an exposed midriff — “strode in suggestively past the children, sitting down in a chair before several preschool-aged girls with his legs spread wide, exposing his nylon-covered crotch in front of children sitting at eye level. We noticed that he did this often while reading nervously before the children.”

Taylor noted that the librarian hosting the event reminded the adults that they are role models for the children and that “if anyone gets upset — even grownups — you can leave.” . . .

Child Protection League Action posted several images of the event on its Facebook page, and many commenters weren’t pleased.

“This is what our tax dollars are going for,” one commenter said. “I see nothing wrong with drag in the appropriate venue for adults, but is this necessary? Come on people it is getting ridiculous!” (Read more from “Photo Shows Drag Queen Story Hour Performer Exposing Crotch Near Children” HERE)

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