From Liberal Boston Herald: White Lies Catch up with Elizabeth Warren

. . .Two months after offering what she claimed was definitive proof of her Native American ancestry, she is now acknowledging that she’s a honky. . .

Here’s the next step for the woman who was white before she was Cherokee before she was white: release your employment applications to the law schools at Harvard and Penn. Since you now admit you’re a white woman, it shouldn’t be a problem to prove once and for all that you never did “check the box” to grab a racial preference you weren’t entitled to.

Show us, fake Indian, that you did not speak with forked tongue many moons ago. If you no lie, we smoke peace pipe.

The takeaway here is, Elizabeth Warren still dreams of being elected president in 2020. She wouldn’t be humiliating herself like this if she didn’t want to be the Great White Father.

She’s been huddling with her fellow geriatric faker Bernie Sanders. She’s reportedly scouting locations in Boston for a campaign headquarters. Potomac fever is a tough disease to overcome, especially, for some reason, if you’re from Massachusetts. (Read more from “From Liberal Boston Herald: White Lies Catch up with Elizabeth Warren” HERE)

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