Ocasio-Cortez Says She Plans to Pay Her Interns. Here’s How Much per Hour.

By Townhall. A few days ago Congresswoman-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D) said she believes it’s time for her colleagues to pay interns. She came to the realization when she visited a diner in Washington, D.C. for a late night dinner and most of the staff were Capitol Hill workers at their second job.

Now, she says she’s going to “walk the walk” by paying her interns at least $15 an hour. . .

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‘Democratic Socialist’ Ocasio-Cortez to Pay Interns $15 per Hour

By Fox Business. Newly-elected New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez announced she will pay her interns $15 per hour, in what she calls an effort to “walk the walk” and have her policies match her political viewpoints. . .

A 2017 study by an advocacy group called Pay Our Interns found that 51 percent of Senate Republicans offered paid internships, compared with 31 percent of Democrats.

Meanwhile, young staffers in the House of Representatives had dismal pay prospects: Only 8 percent of Republicans – or 19 of 238 – paid interns, while 3.6 percent of Democrats, or 7 of 193, did so.

The study also concluded that internships in D.C. cost $6,000, on average.

A list of who was not paying young staffers included lawmakers like California Sen. Kamala Harris, Virginia Democrat Mark Warner and New York Democrat Chuck Schumer – all of whom have voiced support for raising the federal minimum wage. (Read more from “‘Democratic Socialist’ Ocasio-Cortez to Pay Interns $15 per Hour” HERE)

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