CAUGHT: ‘To Catch a Predator’ Host Busted by Police

Former “To Catch A Predator” host Chris Hansen has been arrested and charged with writing a bad check and larceny after agreeing to pay a vendor nearly $13,000 for marketing materials.

Hansen, 59, promised Peter Psichopaidas, owner of Promotional Sales LTD., $12,998.05 for 355 ceramic mugs, 288 T-shirts, and 650 vinyl decals, according to the Stamford Advocate. Hansen said he would pay for the merchandise before it was delivered.

“Three months after receiving invoices for the goods in September 2017, a person working for Hansen sent a Hansen News LLC check for the entire amount, police said. But police said the check bounced and Psichopaidas spoke to Hansen, who apologized and attempted to make a partial payment. Psichopaidas filed a complaint with police last April when he was still not paid,” the Advocate reported. . .

The arrest affidavit, according to WGN TV, notes that Hansen “bailed” after he agreed to provide police with a statement. Investigator Sean Coughlin of the Stamford Police Department warned Hansen that he could be arrested for larceny, according to the affidavit. . .

Hansen had used similar marketing materials as incentives for those who sent money to the former NBC host’s Kickstarter campaign to revive “To Catch A Predator” in 2015. The new show was to be called “Hansen vs. Predator,” according to the Wrap, and people who donated money could receive the coffee mugs or t-shirts. Other fundraising incentives included a private screening of the new show with Hansen and his crew and an outgoing voicemail message from the host himself, a surefire way to scare off spam callers. It is unclear when Promotional Sales provided Hansen with the items for which he did not pay. (Read more from “CAUGHT: ‘To Catch a Predator’ Host Busted by Police” HERE)

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