Budget Deal and Executive Order? Trump Readies Plan to Fund Border Wall Without Congress

President Donald Trump may get only around $1.4 billion for his signature anti-illegal immigration measure — the border wall — but the White House appears to have a plan to acquire the rest of the funding necessary to build the full wall, they’ll just need to be more creative with finances to do it.

Reuters reports that the White House has tentatively agreed to support a congressional compromise budget bill that avoids a second government shutdown in as many months, even though the $1.4 billion the bill includes for Trump’s wall along the southern border falls far short of what the White Houes wanted, a cool $5.7 billion.

The White House remains concerned about the political fallout, however, from a second shutdown, even though polls show that Americans would likely blame Democrats for failing to come to a budget deal, but they also recognize that the border wall is a popular issue, with something around 2/3s of Americans supporting some form of physical barrier across the southern border.

To that end, the White House has reportedly been exploring “other options,” aside from begging Congress to fully fund the border wall on an incremental basis. Trump still hasn’t given up on potentially declaring a national emergency, which would allow the White House to expend unlimited funds to handle the project, but the administration recognizes that such an extreme option could lose them the political cache they’ve gained over the past several weeks. (Read more from “Budget Deal and Executive Order? Trump Readies Plan to Fund Border Wall Without Congress” HERE)

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