National Guard’s New Fitness Test May Prove Too Challenging for Some Soldiers

Commanders at the Army National Guard are worried that 330,000 citizen soldiers will struggle to meet their new fitness standards, according to the Associated Press Tuesday.

Lt. Col. Brian Dean is working to get the Guard transitioned to the new fitness test. He told AP that “it’s a concern” that the new fitness standards could drive many soldiers out of the National Guard.

“For those who are already doing well on their physical fitness test and they have the routine figured out, I think they’re going to transition to this new test without any issues,” Dean said. “People who are in those parts of their life where they’re still kinda struggling to make the right time for fitness and do fitness in the right ways — this will feel significant.”

Many soldiers in the National Guard are made up of regular citizens; working part time to protect their communities, be available during natural disasters, and provide assistance to active-duty military forces. Many members work regular jobs or attend school while serving. . .

Originally, the fitness test required soldiers to do two minutes of push-ups, sit-ups and a two-mile run. The new test, which will be implemented Oct. 1, 2020, will last an hour and make use of a sled-drag, a deadlift, and include many other exercises; all on top of a push-up and two-mile running evaluation. (Read more from “National Guard’s New Fitness Test May Prove Too Challenging for Some Soldiers” HERE)

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