They Will Never Stop: House Democrats Are Planning Another Trump-Russia Witch Hunt

The Department of Justice’s Russia investigation headed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller is said to be close to closing up shop, though we’ve had that for months and we’re still waiting on a report. So far, there is zero evidence of Trump-Russia collusion, the unicorn the Left is hoping to physically take a hold of in order to impeach the president. They’re still seething over their 2016 election loss. They hate President Trump. And that animus extends into the liberal media who has been astoundingly wrong in their coverage of this story. There have been so many so-called bombshells that have turned out to be nothing burgers. It’s hard to count them all. The latest is BuzzFeed’s recent trip-up over ex-personal attorney Michael Cohen, who they say was directed to lie to Congress about a Russian real estate deal by President Trump. That story was discredited…by the Mueller investigation. And yet, even when this investigation ends, it won’t stop there. House Democrats are already planning another wild goose chase into Russia and the president (via Axios) [emphasis mine]:

Mueller is just the beginning. House Democrats plan a vast probe of President Trump and Russia — with a heavy focus on money laundering — that will include multiple committees and dramatic public hearings, and could last into 2020.

The state of play: The aggressive plans were outlined yesterday by a Democratic member of Congress at a roundtable for Washington reporters. The member said Congress plans interviews with new witnesses, and may go back to earlier witnesses who “stonewalled” under the Republican majority.

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