Court to Concerned Dad: Let Your Kid Transition or You’re a Child Abuser

A father has appealed a recent court decision that blocked him from preventing his young child from transitioning to a male gender presentation.

Last month, the Supreme Court of British Columbia, Canada, ruled that the 14-year-old, who identifies as transgender, can start hormone therapy. The father appealed the decision on March 4. . .

The court, which withheld the family members’ names, explained that the teenager, though biologically female, has lived as a boy since age 11. The child wanted to start testosterone hormone therapy last summer, and the mother and doctors agreed. However, the father opposed the treatment and took the matter to court. . .

According to legal experts, the ruling sets a precedent in family law that transitioning is a health decision to which children have a right. Parents must respect their kid’s chosen gender, pronouns, and name.

Doing otherwise – including misgendering a child or even trying to talk him or her out of transitioning – could get parents reported to authorities for emotional abuse, trans rights lawyer Adrienne Smith told The Star. (Read more from “Court to Concerned Dad: Let Your Kid Transition or You’re a Child Abuser” HERE)

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