Mystery of the Minnesota Woman Who Was Totally Frozen and Survived

By The Epoch Times. In 1980, a Minnesota woman named Jean Hilliard was literally frozen stiff for several hours in subzero temperatures. No, it isn’t a hoax.

Hilliard collapsed on a 22-below-zero night as she was trying to seek shelter after a car accident. . .

Dr. George Sather in the report said that “I thought she was dead, but then we picked up an extremely faint whimper. We knew there was a person existing then.”

Jean’s chances of surviving were quite slim, and her body temperature didn’t even register on a thermometer, meaning her body temperature was less than 80 degrees F. . .

“There was no evidence of a pulse or blood pressure,” Sather’s brother, Dr. Edgar Sather, told the Gazette at the time. (Read more from “Mystery of the Minnesota Woman Who Was Totally Frozen and Survived” HERE)


Teenager Recovers After Being Frozen Stiff

By Associated Press. Miss Hilliard was frozen after a midnight automobile accident in rural northwestern Minnesota. When she arrived at the Fosston, Minn., hospital, her skin was too hard to pierce with a hypodermic needle. Her temperature was too low to register on a thermometer. Her face was ashen and her eyes were solid and did not respond to light. . .

Doctors were unable to give her intravenous feedings because ”she was frozen too solid to penetrate the skin,” said Dr. Sather’s brother, Dr. Edgar Sather.

Her pulse, hardly registering through her frozen skin, was about 12 beats a minute. And her temperature was too low for a thermometer, with a low reading of 88 degrees, 10 degrees below normal. But in several hours, wrapped in an electric heating pad, she began to revive. (Read more from “Teenager Recovers After Being Frozen Stiff” HERE)

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