Dems ‘Fast-Track’ Shocking Abortion Bill Designed to Turn State Into ‘Abortion Capital of America’

Illinois’ new Democratic governor, and a complicit Democratic legislature, are reportedly “fast-tracking” a pair of identical measures in the Illinois House and Senate designed to greatly extend legal abortion within the state of Illinois, wipe out parental notice requirements, and deny any and all rights to any pre-born individuals in the state. . .

Per that outline, the bills would mimic similar measures in New York state and Virginia, which would legalize abortion up until the moment of birth (and, potentially, throughout the birthing process). Like New York’s law, it would alter the state’s code, completely decriminalizing any harm or murder of a wanted child — through domestic abuse or intentional act — along with other major changes to state policy.

“According to the legal group’s analysis, the bill would prohibit the state from interfering in any way with abortions. It would erase criminal penalties for performing abortions and allow non-doctors to do them. The legislation also would repeal the partial-birth abortion ban and abortion clinic regulations that protect women’s health,” pro-life news outlet LifeNews reports, based on a legislative analysis provided by in-state, pro-life public interest law firm, the Thomas More Society.

Additionally, the state is now “prohibited from intruding in a woman’s ‘reproductive health care decision-making’ and creates an avenue for a woman to bring a lawsuit should she feel this right was violated,” meaning that individual localities cannot roll back any part of this abortion legislation. It also appears that the bill will punish those doctors and other medical services professionals who will not perform and do not refer for abortion — potentially even those who have moral objections to the procedure.

LifeNews adds that “the Illinois legislation would treat abortion as a ‘fundamental right’ and strip away even minor protections for unborn babies and medical professionals who object to abortions.” (Read more from “Dems ‘Fast-Track’ Shocking Abortion Bill Designed to Turn State Into ‘Abortion Capital of America'” HERE)

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