New Presidential Polls Show Drastically Declining Support for This Dem

According to political polling expert Harry Enten, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has been plummeting in the latest round of 2020 Democratic presidential polls. Enten wrote at CNN yesterday:

Our new CNN poll puts Sanders favorable rating at 46% compared to an unfavorable rating of 45% among registered voters. This is only the latest poll to have Sanders at basically even in his net favorability rating (favorable-unfavorable). A Quinnipiac University poll from late December gave the Vermont senator a net favorability of just +2 points. An average of all recent polls put Sanders’ net favorability at about -1 points.

. . .

Enten then speculates as to why this precipitous decline in Sanders’ favorability number may have transpired:

So, what’s changed? I’d argue that Sanders was benefiting from not being in a competitive campaign. (Former Vice President Joe Biden, who has garnered the most support in general election polls among the Democrats, may be benefiting from a similar effect.) When you’re not being thought of a viable threat to win a party’s nomination, opponents tend to lay off. The last time Sanders was thought of as at least a minor threat to win the Democratic nomination was in March 2016. His net favorability rating back then among all voters was +3 points in a CNN poll.

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Sanders, famously, was the 2016 Democratic presidential field runner-up, behind nominee Hillary Clinton. As Paul Sperry wrote at The New York Post in January 2016, Sanders’ career history is rife with open support for Communist regimes and sundry Marxist causes. (Read more from “New Presidential Polls Show Declining Support for This Dem” HERE)

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