Sorry, Uncle Joe, They No Longer Serve Your Kind Here

You can’t teach an old dog woke tricks. But when you try, it’s hilarious.

On this farcical occasion, I’m talking about probable Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden, who is clearly a man out of time. In recently attempting to reassure the intersectionality identity cult about his role as Senate Judiciary chairman during 1991’s Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill Supreme Court hearings, Biden went to the “it’s a white man’s culture” card.

Settle down, hip-hop. You aren’t cutting your next rap album. You’re from Delaware.

Then there are questions like how the product of this so-called white man’s culture could lead to results like the black Clarence Thomas even being appointed to the court at all, and then yet another black guy Biden may know named Barack Obama being elected as president of the United States.

Does Biden remember that? I think he was Obama’s vice president for eight years or something.

And more than anything, the most pathetic thing about all of this is that Biden still looks at his party and thinks he has a place in it as standard-bearer. Come on, man. Bernie Sanders is more socialist than you. Kamala Harris is more black than you. Beto is more beta than you. Elizabeth Warren is more Native American than you. Amy Klobuchar is more woman than you. Pete Buttigieg is more gay than you. Cory Booker is more Spartacus than you.

And Uncle Joe is whiter and more male than them all. Basically he’s John Kasich without being the son of a mailman.

Don’t just take my conservative word for it, though. While CNN’s most accurate actual reporter may be the broken clock on its wall – thank you, Babylon Bee – one of its most progressive political propagandists is none other than Joan Walsh. And she thinks that if Biden really wants to change white man’s culture so much, then “don’t run.”

Not much gray area for you to navigate there, Joe. You are persona non grata. Don’t know if you’ve looked in the mirror lately, and by Walsh’s usual standards, she’s being as gentle as she can be with you, but you’re the paleface of white privilege. Sucks to be you.

Because unless you are willing to be a useful idiot who knows when to shut your hole and stick to your role as everyone else gets their intersectionality on, there is really nothing left for you to do in today’s Democrat party. Everyone must be made to care in this cultural jihad, Joe. Even you.

A few months ago, I was somewhat bullish on Biden’s general election chances. High name ID, likable to the average American, and he comes from a time when sharing a country with people like me wasn’t considered a nonstarter in the Democrat Party. But that was before the opening months of the Democrat presidential primary produced the following long train of abuses and usurpations:

1. Get rid of what little border security we have, because it’s not fair to the illegals to endure hardship to come to America.

2. Get rid of insurance companies so government can control your health care instead.

3. Kill ’em all (infanticide).

4. Christians can’t serve in public office.

5. The party of anti-Semitism.

6. The Green New Deal that proves it’s not about carbon emissions, it’s about Marxism.

7. Joining the Covington Catholic lynch mob.

I could continue, but by now that’s enough to tell us this — Biden is this cycle’s Jeb Bush, a candidate running for the nomination of a party that has passed him by. But if Jeb’s cardinal sin was an uncomfortable lack of self-awareness, Biden’s is the exact opposite. He’s too self-aware of his own inadequacies. Thus his pander-a-thon is a sign of weakness, not strength.

Sorry, Uncle Joe, they no longer serve your kind here. (For more from the author of “Sorry, Uncle Joe, They No Longer Serve Your Kind Here” please click HERE)

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