What?! Rep. Ilhan Omar Said What About…Israel and Palestine

. . .Omar has engulfed her entire party in an anti-Semitism flap that isn’t going away. For starters, she keeps peddling this bigoted trash. In 2012, she accused Israel of hypnotizing the world, then in the House, she had the ‘all about the Benjamins’ tweet concerning AIPAC and donations. And now, she accused those who support Israel of dual loyalty. It forced the House to vote on a watered-down resolution against bad things, which was originally against anti-Semitism, but some Democrats feared it would single Omar out. The Democratic Party is rapidly becoming an anti-Jewish and anti-Israel party. Speaker Nancy Pelosi seems incapable of confronting these new radicals. And now, she’s hit another iceberg on the Israeli-Palestinian front, writing an op-ed supporting a two-state solution (via Washington Post):

I support a two-state solution, with internationally recognized borders, which allows for both Israelis and Palestinians to have their own sanctuaries and self-determination. This has been official bipartisan U.S. policy across two decades and has been supported by each of the most recent Israeli and Palestinian leaders, as well as the consensus of the Israeli security establishment. As Jim Mattis, who later was President Trump’s defense secretary, said in 2011, “The current situation between those two peoples is unsustainable.”

Working toward peace in the region also means holding everyone involved accountable for actions that undermine the path to peace — because without justice, there can never be a lasting peace. When I criticize certain Israeli government actions in Gaza or settlements in the West Bank, it is because I believe these actions not only threaten the possibility of peace in the region — they also threaten the United States’ own national security interests.

. . .

Yeah, sounds all good, until you get to her apparent support for the anti-Israel Boycott, Disinvestment, and Sanctions movement that has been accused of being viciously anti-Semitic. Well, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, huh? Melissa Weiss, national campus director for the Simon Wiesenthal Center, asked on Twitter, how could Omar support this policy, while being a supporter of the BDS movement. The short answer is you cannot, especially when the BDS crew doesn’t hold that view. (Read more from “What?! Rep. Ilhan Omar Said What About…Israel and Palestine” HERE)

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