John Brennan Must Be Held Accountable

The president has been exonerated on allegations of Russian collusion, and now, as investigators and the media pick up the pieces on the long-running hoax, more attention has turned to the major players behind the operation, including former CIA chief and current NBC “analyst” John Brennan, who played an integral role in the launch of the unprecedented surveillance operation — and the smear campaign thereafter — against the president, members of the Trump campaign, and Trump-connected individuals.

Brennan’s personal role in the Trump-Russia collusion saga dates back to at least the summer of 2016 (and perhaps even earlier) when he met with a top British intelligence chief to discuss Trump’s supposed ties to the Russians. Around the time of that meeting, and following its conclusion, American and foreign spies began to make contact with members of the Trump campaign, with some claiming to have access to Russian secrets involving the Hillary Clinton campaign. Brennan later seemed to take credit and defend the espionage operation, which again, relied on the dossier to legitimize spying on Americans.

Brennan, as CIA director, reportedly inserted the Clinton-funded-and-manufactured Steele dossier into a draft version of the highly scandalous Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA) on Russian interference, which was published under the auspices of Donald Trump’s political opponents in early January 2017, just two weeks before President-elect Trump took office.

In March, citing a “high-level source,” Sen. Rand Paul said that Brennan “insisted that the unverified and fake Steele dossier” be included in the ICA.

The intel assessment, which dramatically overstated the Kremlin’s 2016 campaign to interfere in American politics (in truth, Moscow engaged in an unsophisticated, low-funded propaganda campaign to sow discord), later served as the basis for special counsel’s Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election. The Mueller probe in turn served to delegitimize the president in the eyes of millions of Americans.

Brennan’s efforts to promulgate the Russia hoax did not stop when he left government. Since departing his post at the Central Intelligence Agency, Brennan has essentially dedicated his life and career to attempting to chip away at President Trump’s duly elected mandate to serve in the nation’s highest office.

On television and in prominent legacy media publications, Brennan establishes his bona fides as a former insider with secret information and a trusted voice of authority on the Russia probe, given his experience in the upper echelons of the American intelligence apparatus. Brennan regularly claimed that there was clear evidence of collusion in addition to the claims promulgated in the fraudulent dossier, leaving many to assume that he had obtained classified evidence that he was unable to disclose to the public. Brennan took his accusations a step further and, on TV and social media, began regularly accusing the president of committing treason against his country.

In an August column for the New York Times, the former CIA director wrote:

“Mr. Trump’s claims of no collusion are, in a word, hogwash.”

His Twitter account (Brennan describes himself as a “nonpartisan American” in his bio) is solely dedicated to targeting the president. Upon the release of the Mueller report, which cleared the president of colluding with Russia, Brennan insisted that there was indeed “much collusion with Russia yet insufficient evidence to to establish criminal conspiracy.”

The dust has finally settled, and Brennan’s nonstop campaign has failed, as President Trump has been fully exonerated of the always-preposterous and baseless allegations of Russian collusion. It has become quite clear that Brennan never had the goods that he promised. Instead, a hyper-political former intelligence chief betrayed the trust of the American people and appears to have leveraged his former duties — and later continued that campaign in public life — to launch an illegal soft coup attempt against the elected president. Will the former Obama CIA chief be held accountable for his putsch attempt against the sitting president of the United States? (For more from the author of “John Brennan Must Be Held Accountable for His Role in Advancing the Russia Hoax” please click HERE)

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