Omar Spreads Multiple Debunked Lies About Trump Administration

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) spread multiple lies about the Trump administration on Monday in a multi-tweet attack she launched against the Department of Homeland Security.

“Kirstjen Nielsen was responsible for: -Locking toddlers in cages -The death of a 7 year-old on her agency’s watch -Repeatedly lying about taking children from their mothers Now this President wants someone even ‘tougher,'” Omar tweeted. “This should be a warning to all who believe in justice.”

“The acting DHS Secretary commanded the CBP officers who physically separated over 2,800 children from their parents. He was in charge when CBP fired tear gas on a crowd of migrants seeking asylum He failed to disclose details about the death of a child in CBP custody to Congress,” Omar continued.

Omar’s claim that Nielsen locked toddlers in cages was completely false. As many online noted, the incident that Omar was referring to had nothing to do with any department at Homeland Security.

Omar’s claim comes from an image of a toddler in a cage that went viral when people claimed that it showed the toddler in DHS custody, when, in fact, the photo was taken at a protest staged in front of Dallas City Hall.

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