Revealed: This Is the Trump Team’s Campaign Strategy Heading Into 2020

President Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Brad Parscale, discussed the team’s 2020 strategy on Sunday’s episode of “Face the Nation.”

During the discussion, Parscale revealed a few key battleground states that they’re targeting. The goal is simple: to win the same states they won during 2016 but expand to even more states. . .

“I can go across America and say, ‘hey, here is a voter in Minnesota that if I know if I get, you know, 26,000 of these perfect people to show up that didn’t show up last time, I can flip that state.’ So what I do, go find them now,” Parscale explained. “We are spending millions of dollars a month, light years ahead of any campaign in history to build a foundation of who we need to market to, what we need to understand, what we need to say to them and how exactly to deliver to them.” . . .

“There are some key states, obviously, we have to go back and win Michigan again, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, we plan on also being in Minnesota very soon. I think New Mexico is in play in 2020,” Parscale said. “I think New Hampshire. I think we continue to grow the map. I think Nevada, you know, even Colorado. And so those are states we did not win in 2016, I think are open for 2020.”

Although the Trump campaign plans to focus heavily on digital advertising and social media, the ground game, like rallies and campaign events, are still heavily in play.

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