Satanic Temple Recognized as ‘Church’ With Tax-Exempt Status

The Satanic Temple (TST) announced Friday that the IRS has recognized it as a “church” with tax-exempt status.

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“We are pleased to announce that for the very [first] time in history, a satanic organization has been recognized by the United States federal government as being a church,” the group posted on Instagram.

“This acknowledgment will help make sure The Satanic Temple has the same access to public spaces as other religious organizations, affirm our standing in court when battling religious discrimination, and enable us to apply for faith-based government grants,” the organization continued. . .

According to the Catholic News Agency (CNA), “IRS regulations draw a clear distinction between “churches” and other religious organizations”:

A church must have certain characteristics, according to IRS requirements, including: a recognized creed and form of worship; distinct ecclesiastical government; formal code of doctrine; ordained ministers selected after completing prescribed courses of study; established places of worship and regular religious services.

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