Trump Approval Rating in the Wake of Mueller Report Revealed in Recent Poll

President Trump’s job approval stands at 45 percent, while 51 percent of voters disapprove, according to a new Fox News Poll. And that is almost exactly where it was last month, 46-51 percent, before Special Counsel Robert Mueller completed his Russia probe March 22.

That makes sense given two-thirds of voters (65 percent) say Mueller’s investigation has not changed how they feel about Trump. One in ten (10 percent) say they feel better about the president, while nearly two in ten (17 percent) feel worse.

The Justice Department will release a redacted version of Mueller’s report Thursday. Attorney General William Barr released his summary March 24. Congressional Democrats want the full report released, as do 80 percent of voters according to a Fox News Poll conducted March 17-20.

But don’t expect the release of Mueller’s report to put the issue to rest. The poll finds 35 percent of voters think the Russia investigation proves there was no collision, while 64 percent disagree or have no opinion.

In addition, 57 percent think it is at least somewhat likely U.S. intelligence agencies broke the law when they started investigating the Trump campaign in the first place: 22 percent think it is “extremely” likely, 12 percent “very” likely, 23 percent “somewhat” likely. A third, 35 percent, think it is “not at all” likely that there were illegalities in the investigation. (Read more from “Trump Approval Rating in the Wake of Mueller Report Revealed in Recent Poll” HERE)

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