Beto’s Ridiculous Mother’s Day Message: So Many Mothers Deported

Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke delivered a Mother’s Day message about the deportation of mothers to Exeter, New Hampshire, over the weekend.

O’Rourke asked those gathered for a Saturday campaign stop to think of migrants in light of Mother’s Day. He then employed his own children as he claimed that mothers have been deported, while the children they crossed the U.S.-Mexico border with are kept in cages before being sent off to “god-only-knows where in America.” He threatened that some of the children who came with their mothers may be forever separated from them.

O’Rourke said:

Right now we have mothers arriving at our front door, at the Texas-Mexico border, who have traveled 2,000 miles, leaving some of the deadliest places on the planet today. Doing what Amy and I would do if the only way to save the lives of our kids, Ulysses who’s 12, Molly who’s 10, Henry who is 8-years-old, was to make a similar journey for their lives and for their sake, to come to a country that has defined and distinguished itself by being a country of refugees and asylum-seekers, and immigrants from the world over.

. . .

O’Rourke focused on child separation policies under the Trump administration without the same attention to policies existing and being established under previous administrations. The Trump administration curtailed family separation policy in the midst of national attention on the subject. (Read more from “Beto’s Ridiculous Mother’s Day Message: So Many Mothers Deported” HERE)

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