ICE Reveals Just How Many Illegal Aliens Are Falsely Claiming They’re a ‘Family’

Since mid-April, Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) agents have worked alongside Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents in the El Paso sector to help process alleged families that illegally crossed into the United States. Three teams were initially launched into Las Cruces, New Mexico and El Paso, Texas. A couple weeks later three more HSI teams were sent to the Rio Grande Valley, Del Rio, Yuma, and El Centro Border Patrol Sectors, Breitbart reported.

“We have been working these cases from an investigative standpoint for quite a while,” Acting ICE Director Matthew Albence told Breitbart. “What we’re doing now that is a little different is surging the additional resources to the ports of entry and Border Patrol stations where these individuals are being arrested and being processed. We’ve got teams in seven different locations who are conducting interviews of people who appear to be fraudulent families or where we have concerns that they are not who they say they are.” . . .

“The results have been staggering thus far. In just a couple of weeks, we’ve interviewed 256 family units and identified 65 fraudulent families. Almost three out of every ten families we’ve interviewed have become fraudulent,” Albence said.

To make matters even worse, the children are being utilized repeatedly to help adults stay in America. The children will show up at the border with the adults, where they pretend to be a family. Once the adults are released the child is sent back to their home country and they’re used again, over and over, in the same way. The kids are either flown home or cross back into Mexico illegally, where they catch a bus and go back to their home country. (Read more from “ICE Reveals Just How Many Illegal Aliens Are Falsely Claiming They’re a ‘Family'” HERE)

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