WATCH: Biden Supporter Makes Disturbing Comments About Creepy Candidate

During a Tuesday event in Nevada, a woman shouted, “You can hug and kiss me anytime, Joe.”

It was evident Biden was uncomfortable with the comment. After all, he’s done everything can possibly can to move past the “Creepy Joe” image he’s been battling.

What’s interesting: Biden laughed as the crowd cheered. They cheered at the thought of hugs and kisses from Joe Biden. . .

Biden has come under fire after multiple women came forward, accusing him of inappropriately touching them while he was Vice President. What made things even more ironic: Biden worked on a sexual assault campaign with Lady Gaga. It was a program that Biden even made a point of highlighting when he announced his intent to run for president.

The Left has been entirely hypocritical about the sexual harassment allegations launched against Biden. They continually tell women to stand up, speak out and say something…but apparently that only applies when the person that’s being accused is a Republican. (Read more from “WATCH: Biden Supporter Makes Disturbing Comments About Candidate” HERE)

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