Times Square Billboard Owners Refuse Space for Pro-Life Event

On Saturday, May 4, Focus on the Family [held] an event it’s calling “Alive from New York,” featuring speakers, live music, and a “live 4D ultrasound of a baby in the third trimester of pregnancy and broadcast on the jumbotrons in the middle of Manhattan.” New York became a focal point of the abortion debate in January, when the state enacted a law effectively permitting abortion-on-demand up until birth, to the cheers of Democrat lawmakers and left-wing activists.

“Nearly 60 million babies have been aborted since 1973,” the group explained. “In fact, just three miles from where we’ll be gathering on May 4th, sits Planned Parenthood’s largest clinic. Over 11,000 babies are aborted there each year, an unfathomable fact for anyone who loves and cherishes life. So, our goal is to fill Times Square with joy-filled people who are committed to protecting pre-born life.”

On Wednesday, Focus on the Family president Jim Daly announced that three of the companies who own Times Square billboards – Silvercast, Clear Channel Outdoor, and ABC Supersign – have refused to lease space for the pro-life event.

“In many ways, this blockade only confirms what we’ve long known,” Daly wrote. “There are many people who don’t want the world to see these images of preborn life, because the abortion industry is predicated on a lie – namely that a baby is just a blob of tissue inside the womb.” . . .

Pro-lifers support and abortion activists oppose ultrasound requirements for their ability to convey the humanity of preborn babies and dissuade women from abortion. Pro-life groups Save the Storks says that four out of five pregnant women who see one of their free ultrasounds ultimately choose life. (Read more from “Times Square Billboard Owners Refuse Space for Pro-Life Event” HERE)

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