Gay Cops Can Attend ‘Pride’ but Not in Uniform

It’s an event that’s supposed to be all about inclusion, but for LGBTQ police officers in the city who’ve braved discrimination to be out in life and at work, they say their own community is excluding them from participating in PRIDE in uniform. . .

Now in his 15th year on the force, [Officer Jeff Kuhlmann’s] been told that as a gay man he can’t march in his own city’s PRIDE parade dressed as he appears on patrol.

“It happened because of certain people in the community being uncomfortable with seeing uniformed police officers at the PRIDE event,” he said. . .

The Sacramento police department has released the following statement about what’s happened:

“Our police department is disappointed that the LGBT Center does not want our officers attending upcoming public community events while in uniform. We support our LGBTQ officers who proudly serve our community on a daily basis. They have worked hard to earn these uniforms and are proud to wear them.”

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