Google Facing Lawsuit from Fired Conservative Employees

By Breitbart. Google must face a class-action lawsuit brought by Republican attorney Harmeet K. Dhillon on behalf of the tech giant’s conservative employees, according to a California court.

Current and former Google employees say in a lawsuit that the company discriminates against non-progressives on the basis of their viewpoint, and against whites, Asians, and males on the basis of sex and race.

Google attempted to have the case dismissed. But a judge in California, where political discrimination is illegal, ruled against the company.

The case will now move to a legal process known as discovery — meaning that Google must provide Dhillon and other attorneys working on the case access to its internal documents.

This is potentially a huge problem for the tech giant, as previous leaks of internal documents and video have repeatedly exposed the company’s extreme political bias. (Read more from “Google Facing Lawsuit from Fired Conservative Employee” HERE)


Google Lawsuit: Hispanic Engineer Claims Company ‘Blacklisted’ Him for Political Views

By Breitbart. Former Google employee Manuel Amador is one of three men who have joined James Damore’s class-action lawsuit against Google. He alleges a workplace in which “hostile, retaliatory, and oppressive conduct” would occur, and that ultimately he was “blacklisted” from future employment with the Silicon Valley giant.

According to the lawsuit, Amador, who joined Google as a Systems Engineer, eventually left the company after being asked to apologize for something he did not say.

Despite being faced with such hostility, Amador continued to voice his opinions, in direct defiance of those at Google that seek to silence and expel all opposing viewpoints. The culture of intolerance, however, eventually became too much for Amador to bear. In or around June 2016, Amador was called to a meeting with Google HR as a result of someone falsely accusing Amador of believing that people have differing levels of intelligence based on that person’s race. Amador has never thought that, does not believe it to be true, and has never written or spoken as if he believed it to be true. This false complaint was filed by an anonymous complainant as means to stifle Amador’s political activities and conversations at Google, was done to harass Amador on the basis of his race and/or gender, and resulted in Amador receiving a letter from Google reprimanding Amador.

Despite the complaint being entirely fabricated, Google sided with the harassers and asked that Amador issue an apology. At that point, Amador felt compelled to leave Google as a result of the hostile work environment created by, and left unchecked at, Google. To stay at Google brought with it an unacceptably high risk that Amador’s personal and professional reputation would be permanently tarnished by those at Google bent on suppressing and expelling those who hold viewpoints different from their own, Google-disfavored races, and/or males. By demanding that Amador apologize over a falsified complaint, Google sent a clear message that it would allow and enable such hostile, retaliatory, and oppressive conduct to occur unchecked.

(Read more from “Google Lawsuit: Hispanic Engineer Claims Company ‘Blacklisted’ Him for Political Views” HERE)

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