Hillary Clinton Detonates an Atomic Bomb of Idiocy with Latest Swipe at Trump

It’s been three years now. And Hillary Clinton has shown she still cannot move on from her epic 2016 defeat. She wrote a book about it, “What Happened.” She went on a whine tour for it. She bashed the FBI, the media, the Democratic National Committee, Bernie Sanders, Russia, and James Comey—anyone but herself. And the time she did take responsibility—put that in air quotes—she always had a “but,” which would lead to some tangent where she would lay blame at someone else. Thank God, she’s not president. And she never will be. So, what’s this two-time presidential loser saying now about the president? Oh, pretty much insinuating that Trump’s America could be more dangerous than…Nazi Germany. Yes, she went there. Old hag yells at cloud…the mushroom cloud from the atomic bomb of insanity she just detonated. The former first lady was at Wellesley College for an alumnae event. The good folks at Campus Reform found the part where she went off about Trump possibly being the harbinger for fascism in the country, even noting it from the Facebook Live video (1:09-mark):

“I think Madeline [Albright]’s book is really well-named: “Fascism: A Warning,” Clinton said. “And the idea that ‘oh, it can’t happen here’ is just old-fashioned, my friends.”

“The demagoguery, the appeal to the crowd, the very clever use of symbols, the intimidation, verbal and physical,” she listed, “this is a classic pattern. There is nothing new about it, it’s just different means of messages being delivered.”

Clinton mentioned fascist dictators Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini and, although she never explicitly used Trump’s name, she referenced him quite frequently during her speech and repeated a few accusations against him, including Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and obstruction of justice.

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