State Legalizes Abortion Until Birth

Illinois governor JB Pritzker signed the nation’s most permissive abortion bill into law Wednesday, as part of an effort to make abortion a “fundamental right” in the state.

The legislature passed the sweeping abortion bill last month in a whirlwind session that saw massive tax hikes and huge expansions in government in addition to this most recent abortion bill.

As The Daily Wire reported then, Pritzker’s landmark abortion bill repeals the state’s ban on “partial birth abortions,” legalizing the procedure all the way through pregnancy and up until the moment of birth. The bill utterly ignores the concept of viability, a particularly shocking development given that most states currently passing abortion-related regulations are greatly restricting the practice, not expanding it.

The bill also removes licensing requirements for medical professionals conducting abortions, mandates that all insurance providers within the state pay for abortions in full — even Christian health-share insurance options — and permanently repeals protections for doctors and other medical professionals who refuse to take part in performing abortions. It also strips away any remaining licensing and inspection requirements for abortion clinics in the state — even though several have been targeted for unsafe practices — and repeals penalties for providing abortion services without a license.

Worse, the bill changes the legal language of the state’s bevy of laws on “reproductive rights” in an effort to ensure that abortion is treated as a “fundamental right” by the Illinois constitution and legal code. Without any specifications on what constitutes a “fundamental right,” it is likely only a matter of time before the new law is used to challenge existing parental notification laws and mandatory reporting laws.

The ACLU has already indicated that it will use the new bill to challenge any remaining abortion restrictions in Illinois. (Read more from “State Legalizes Abortion Until Birth” HERE)

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