Joe Biden Attempts to Blame Trump for Deaths of Transgender Black Women

By The Blaze. Former Vice President Joe Biden suggested that President Donald Trump’s administration is responsible for the violent deaths of black transgender women. . .

“We’ve already had five, just this year, five black transgender women killed violently in 2019,” Biden said. “It’s outrageous. It must, it must, it must end.”

And as the crowd applauded, Biden broke in with a stern declaration: “And the fastest way to end it is, end the Trump administration!” Hoots and hollers and cheering followed.

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Biden: Fastest way to end transgender violence ‘is to end the Trump administration’

By CNN. . .Democratic presidential candidate and former vice president Joe Biden on Saturday accused President Donald Trump’s administration of endangering the LGBTQ community by failing to defend LGBTQ individuals’ rights and safety.

In a speech to the Human Rights Campaign on the first day of Pride Month, Biden described the difficulties still faced by many transgender people, including lack of access to health care and social services, as well as transphobic violence that he said was enabled by the Trump administration. . .

“This President, this White House has literally, literally a bully pulpit, is callously extending his power over the most vulnerable — implementing the most discriminatory policies like Muslim bans, turning away asylum seekers, putting children in cages,” Biden said.

“And the current vice president uses religious freedom as an excuse to license discrimination,” he continued. “It’s wrong and it is immoral what they’re doing.” (Read more from “Biden: Fastest Way to End Transgender Violence ‘Is to End the Trump Administration'” HERE)

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