Trump Launches 2020 Re-Election Campaign

President Donald Trump will launch his 2020 re-election campaign on Tuesday evening in Orlando, Florida. Crowds have been waiting for 40 hours to get into the 25,000 capacity Amway Center, and movie screens will be outside for the overflow crowd. . .

Trump says Republicans believe that “every life is a sacred gift from God” after blasting Democrats for “ripping babies straight from the mother’s womb.” He says some Democrats, especially in Virginia, back “execution after birth.” . . .

. . .Trump says tariffs are working and America has added 16,000 manufacturing jobs a month since he took office while the country was losing thousands of manufacturing job a month before that. Referring to Obama’s “magic wand” comments, Trump says he’ll tell “Sleepy Joe” Biden that he found the “magic wand” to bring back manufacturing jobs. He now brags about getting “right to try” legislation passed.

. . .Trump now introduces Sarah Huckabee Sanders and predicts she will run for governor. She says she has been in the front row of history to see him make “drastic changes” to make America great. She says “he’s fighting for all of the people in this room” and “will have an incredible six more years to make our country stronger than it has ever been.”

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