YouTube ‘Looking into’ Steven Crowder, and He Responds… Via YouTube

YouTube is now investigating conservative comedian, BlazeTV host, and YouTube star Steven Crowder, after a Vox writer who frequently targets conservatives for de-platforming asked them to. And Crowder has a response.

It started – well the current scuffle started – when Vox’s Carlos Maza took his case to his Twitter feed to complain that Crowder was harassing and bullying him. In his Tweet thread, he included a heavily edited montage of excerpts from Crowder’s shows, where he made fun of Maza.

And that is exactly what Steven Crowder talked about in this response. Watch:

. . .

Crowder characterizes this as a David vs. Goliath battle. It is also yet another example of how there is a fine line between corporate freedom to select their content, and coordinated censorship of one point of view by the culturally acceptable other side. (Read more from “YouTube ‘Looking into’ Steven Crowder, and Crowder Responds… Via YouTube” HERE)

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