WATCH: Steven Crowder Confronts Antifa Member Who Said He Should Be Lit On Fire

In the latest installment of “Crowder Confronts” — in which he personally engages with people who’ve made various accusations and/or threats against him — comedian and political commentator Steven Crowder visits a coffee place to chat with a member of the violence-embracing Antifa movement who called for his fellow radical activists to “milkshake” Crowder at an event and declared online that he “hope[s] someone lights Steven Crowder on fire.”

Crowder explains in the intro that the Antifa member, whose name Crowder blocks out to avoid being accused of doxxing, has a record for some of his past “activism,” earning him a rap sheet that “includes throwing tomatoes at Trump (but missing, by a lot) and assaulting cops,” according to Crowder’s website.

“We’re all good to go with jokes, clever insults, mean tweets, and memes,” reads the write-up for the new video. “But when you call for the violence, which yes, includes the hurling of frozen dairy, things take a more serious turn. Maybe that’s confusing with Steven’s penchant for dress-up, but the point still stands. Just don’t call for anyone to be set ablaze. Don’t call for someone to be doused in dairy. As tempting as it may be on a hot day to throw a mocha frap in someone’s caffeine deprived face.”

As he usually does, Crowder comes dressed in a thematically appropriate costume: the Heat Miser from “The Year Without Santa Clause.”

What unfolds when Crowder walks into the cafe to confront the Antifa member looks familiar, Crowder notes. Despite Crowder presenting evidence of the guy’s message declaring his hope that the conservative comedian be set ablaze, the Antifa member denies it, the same response as the other radical critics Crowder has called out, including a college professor.

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