Biden PROMISES to Bring Back Obamacare

As one of the more controversial aspects of Obamacare, the individual mandate was the successful target of Republicans in 2017. The tax bill signed by President Trump nixed it While speaking to CNN on Monday morning former vice president and 2020 Democrat presidential hopeful Joe Biden promised to bring back the individual mandate if elected—not really surprising anyone since his candidacy is tied to President Obama’s legacy,

In the interview, Biden said, “If you provide an option for anybody who in fact wants to buy into Medicare for All, they can buy in. They buy in and they can do it. But if they like their employer-based insurance, which a lot of unions broke their neck to get… they shouldn’t have to give it up. The flip of that is, if you don’t go my way, and you go their way, you have to give up all of that.” He added, “Yes, I’d bring back the individual mandate.”

The sticking point for many regarding the individual mandate is the financial penalty imposed by the government on those who don’t have health insurance. In other words, the federal government takes away your choice. And as much as leftists don’t want to admit it, the individual mandate amounts to a tax on the working poor. . .

Joe Biden has either lived in the land of privilege for too long that he doesn’t comprehend what it’s like for the working poor or he simply doesn’t care about them. America’s hardworking men and women don’t need the federal government making it harder for them to get ahead. They need the federal government to help clear the way so that their hard work enables them to climb the economic ladder. If Joe Biden is elected president, America’s working poor will suffer. (Read more from “Biden Promises to Bring Back Obamacare” HERE)

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