Brutal: Analyst Exposes the 2020 Democratic Agenda as a Total Dumpster Fire

It’s no shocker. The 2020 Democratic agenda is straight trash. There is not a single winning issue that these clowns are pushing right now. Not one. Yes, Democrats are more trusted in handling health care, but did you watch the debate last night? We have a large swath of the 2020 field advocating for ‘Medicare for All,’ whose dirty secret is that it will destroy private health insurance. That’s tens of millions of Americans who will have their health insurance gutted. It will also be the mother of all tax increases, especially for the middle class. This is bad policy and the debate was whether to destroy health care for over 100 million people now or later. Border crossings being decriminalized, health care for illegals, gun control policies that veer into confiscation, and slave reparations—they’re all losers. If there was one thing that was similar about the CNN and MSNBC post-debate panels, it was the various pundits noting that the 2020 agenda is a losing one. Former Obama adviser David Axelrod made that point quite clear, noting that Bernie Sanders knows this health care proposal is pie-in-the-sky, he knows that the public option was removed because it killed the bill—and that’s with a Democratic Congress. Axelrod also noted that ‘Medicare for All’ replacing private insurance is immensely unpopular as is giving health care to illegals. The end result: making is much easier for Trump to win a second term. In all, Democrats are ignoring the vast majority of voters because…feelings. . .

MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki threw more gasoline on the bonfire that is the 2020 Democratic agenda, noting that on every issue Democrats like, the rest of the country opposes…by wide margins in some cases. That Democratic bubble only got denser with Trump:

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