Resurfaced Video Shows Rashida Tlaib Exploding At Trump Speech. Here’s How Trump Responded.

A video from 2016 of then-private citizen Rashida Tlaib exploding at an economic speech of then-candidate Donald Trump resurfaced over the weekend and led to widespread mockery of the far-left Democratic lawmaker.

The incident happened on August 8, 2016, as Trump outlined his economic policy in a speech at the Detroit Economic Club.

Video of the incident spread like wildfire over the weekend on Twitter, with many prominent accounts commenting on it publicly and mocking her for her public meltdown. . .

Donald Trump Jr. weighed in on the video, writing on Twitter: “Crooked called us ‘Deplorables.’ Tlaib calls us ‘Crazy.’ In reality we just love our country, want every American—no matter their race, religion or socioeconomic status—to have a safe & prosperous life & expect our leaders to put America First. It’s simple.”

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