DOJ to Supreme Court: Don’t Intervene in the Case Involving Our Ransacking of Mar-A-Lago

This story began as a napalm raid but has now been reduced to a fire used to toast marshmallows for smores. That’s due to this FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago being boiled down to lawyer’s work, which is dull and torturously slow. We’ve reached the end of the road here regarding the lawfare, as the Trump team asked the Supreme Court to intervene. The Justice Department is asking the high court to avoid this case since they need to keep it alive in the hopes that they can find something to weaponize against the former president. The Trump team is arguing that the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, which ruled on the most recent DOJ appeal about their August raid, didn’t have the jurisdiction to rule on the special master ruling (via The Hill):

The Justice Department on Tuesday asked the Supreme Court to reject former President Trump’s plea to intervene in his legal battle and allow the special master to review the classified documents seized at Mar-a-Lago.

Trump’s request to the high court comes after the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals sided with the Justice Department, siphoning off some 100 classified records from the third-party special master review of the documents seized from his Florida home.

The motion from Trump largely hinged on procedural grounds, arguing the appeals court erred by granting a stay of a challenge to a Florida judge’s ruling appointing the special master that barred the Department of Justice (DOJ) from accessing the classified records for its investigation.

But the Justice Department on Tuesday swiped back at Trump, arguing his legal team had done little to justify the need for the court’s intervention, as he failed to show he would be harmed without its action.

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