They Were Warned: Mueller Staff Cautioned Democrats Not to Get Their Hopes Up

Staff for former special counsel Robert Mueller issued a warning to Democrats eager to have him testify about his investigation into Russian election interference.

Days after Mueller delivered shaky testimony to two congressional panels, a report said Mueller’s team denied rumors that the 74-year-old’s cognitive acuity was wavering and that prompted Democrats to compel him to appear publicly.

However, before and after a reluctant Mueller was subpoenaed, Mueller’s staff told the Democrats, some of whom have cited Mueller’s report as a blueprint for impeachment, that their boss would not stray from what was already disclosed in his unredacted 448-page report. . .

But in the run-up to Wednesday’s hearings, House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler said Democrats hoped to get Mueller to divulge information that does not appear in his report. “Hopefully we go a little further,” the New York Democrat said on MSNBC last week after acknowledging their main strategy will focus on getting Mueller to recite the findings of his report in front of a live audience.

That did not come to pass. Mueller may have provided some sound bites for Democrats to capitalize on, including denying that his report “totally” exonerates President Trump, but as he stressed in his late-May public statement after the conclusion of his investigation, the former special counsel largely stuck to the script of his report. (Read more from “They Were Warned: Mueller Staff Cautioned Democrats Not to Get Their Hopes Up” HERE)

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