State Senator Says U.S. Will Soon Look Like South American Countries

Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen, a Republican from the small town of Snowflake, expressed concern at a recent GOP event that the United States is “going to look like South American countries very quickly,” claiming that new immigrants will not be able to “assimilate.”

The Phoenix New Times obtained audio of Allen’s comments on Thursday — they were published on Friday. In the speech, the senator expressed her fears that the United States does not have the resource capacity for new immigrants. She also argued that immigrants are arriving at a rate that does not allow them to learn “the principles of our country.”

According to the New Times, Allen’s comments were part of a 25-minute speech delivered at the Arizona Republican Party headquarters in Phoenix during an event called “Mormon Political Pioneers: Then & Now” on July 15. . .

In a statement released Friday afternoon, Allen said her remarks had been taken out of context and been made into “something they are not.” Her statement continues to say immigrants are welcome if they come legally and “assimilate to our country and its laws.” It says she referenced South America because she was concerned that some South American countries were “socialist.” Allen’s statement did not address the birth rate comment. . .

Allen also spent some of her speech criticizing feminism, reiterating her opposition to an Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). Arizona is one of about a dozen states that has yet to ratify the ERA since it was introduced in 1972. (Read more from “State Senator Says U.S. Will Soon Look Like South American Countries” HERE)

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