Trumpism Works: Mexico Scanning for Illegals with a Giant X-Ray Machine

. . .Six weeks ago President Trump announced new tariffs on Mexican exports if the Federales didn’t step up enforcement of Mexico’s southern border, and that the tariffs would gradually increase “until the illegal immigration problem is remedied.” Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador wasn’t exactly thrilled, but responded swiftly, agreeing to send its National Guard to its border with Guatemala.

And now… now he’s using a giant x-ray machine to scan trucks suspected of smuggling illegal migrants up toward the United States.

In just two days, Reuters reports, Mexican officials have caught more than 200 illegals stashed away in secret compartments. The story also notes that an “additional 228 hidden migrants were found in a routine search of a soft drink transportation truck in the southern state of Chiapas on Monday.” . . .

Personally, I like to picture President López Obrador at the machine’s controls himself, madly adjusting dials and giant switches like a scene out of “Frankenstein.” The reality, I’m sure, is much more drab, despite the amazing presence of a giant x-ray machine in the hands of Mexican border control. Still, in just a few short weeks Mexico has gone from a laissez-faire attitude toward tens of thousands of “migrants” using their country as a rest stop on the way to America, to hauling a giant x-ray machine down to the Guatemalan border.

In other words, no matter what your personal politics might be regarding illegal immigration, there’s no denying that Trumpism is working. And there’s a giant x-ray machine to prove it. (Read more from “Trumpism Works: Mexico Scanning for Illegals with a Giant X-Ray Machine” HERE)

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