UK’s ‘Biggest Modern Slavery Network Had 400 Victims’

Members of a human trafficking gang were jailed last week in the UK, described by the trial judge as the biggest modern-day slavery network ever identified in the country. . .

Five men and three women, all originally from Poland, were sentenced for a total of more than 55 years. Some had been sentenced in February, but reporting restrictions on the case prevented them being named until last Friday.

Police believe there were up to 400 victims in all. Aged from 17 to their 60s, they were promised jobs and accommodation in the UK, but were forced to work at farms and waste recycling centers in the West Midlands, and had most of their salaries taken by traffickers. Some worked for just 50p (63 cents) an hour.

They were made to live in cramped housing, some without working toilets or heating. Some victims said they were forced to wash in canal water and fed out-of-date food; some were beaten. (Read more from “Uk’s ‘Biggest Modern Slavery Network Had 400 Victims'” HERE)

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