Doctor Loses Medical License After Attempting to Force Patient to Have Abortion

By Life Site News. A Mississippi medical board suspended an OB/GYN’s license Wednesday after he was accused of trying to force a patient to abort her unborn baby.

WKYT News reports the Mississippi State Board of Medical Licensure deemed Dr. Walter Ray Wolfe to be an “immediate danger to the public” based on the accusations against him. Wolfe works at the Magnolia Women’s Clinic in Canton, Mississippi.

Wolfe is accused of sexual assault, attempted forced abortion and other misconduct against several patients, according to the report. In two of the cases, he was the father of the patients’ unborn babies, the complaint against him states. (Read more from “Doctor Loses Medical License After Attempting to Force Patient to Have Abortion” HERE)


Miss. OB/GYN accused of sexual assault, misconduct after fathering children with patients

By WKYT. . .According to the complaint, the Board was contacted in November by a healthcare practitioner in Jackson who had concerns of such misconduct between Dr. Wolfe and several patients.

That same month, a Physician Assistant student, who worked with Dr. Wolfe during the OB/GYN portion of her clinicals, witnessed Dr. Wolfe kissing one of his pregnant patients on the lips just before an ultrasound was performed on her. The P.A. student also told the Board that Dr. Wolfe was the father of the patient’s unborn child.

The certified birth certificate was obtained from the Mississippi State Department of Health Vital Records Office, revealing that the child was born at the home of Dr. Wolfe, who was also listed as the father.

The complaint states that two years prior, in 2016, the former husband of another patient filed a lawsuit stating that in 2015, Dr. Wolfe employed the patient and encouraged her to enter into a sexual affair with him. Dr. Wolfe responded to the lawsuit, admitting to the relationship with the patient.

According to the complaint, while this patient was pregnant with his child, during sex he tried to insert 4 Misoprostol (Cytotec) tablets into the patient’s vagina, without her consent, in an attempt to induce an abortion but was unsuccessful. The patient later gave birth to his child in 2016. (Read more from “Miss. Ob/Gyn Accused of Sexual Assault, Misconduct After Fathering Children with Patients” HERE)

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