Why Hong Kong Protesters Wave the American Flag

. . .Since starting their demonstrations seven weeks ago against a controversial extradition bill that threatened to undermine the city-state’s democracy, the protesters in Hong Kong have raised many different flags to represent their cause. Often times those are variants of the flag of the city-state — a stylized, white five-petal flower from the Hong Kong orchid tree on a red background. One commonly used variant is the same flag but with wilted petals behind a black background, threatening imagery of democracy under attack.

But on rare occasions, the protesters raised the Star-Spangled Banner while marching through the streets of Hong Kong.

The Hongkongers are raising the Stars-and-Stripes to appeal to the United States to take action, according to a few of the flag-carriers.

One person carrying the U.S. flag interviewed by Asia Times noted that he wants to “urge the U.S. Congress to pass the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act as soon as possible.” The proposed legislation, if passed, will impose sanctions on individuals from the mainland and the city-state who violated human rights and require the U.S. government to annually review whether Hong Kong is democratic enough to merit lucrative U.S. trade privileges not afforded to the rest of China. . .

The protester allegedly said he wants to wave the U.S. flag — an act sure to infuriate the Chinese government already irritated by the protracted demonstration in Hong Kong — to invite a Chinese military crackdown that will hopefully provoke the United States into taking more concrete action. (Read more from “Why Hong Kong Protesters Wave the American Flag” HERE)

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