Black Republican Candidate Has PROOF That Liberals Aren’t Tolerant

Daniel Cameron, a black Kentucky Republican running for attorney general, shared that he was the target of a liberal lawyer’s racial slur this past week.

In an interview with Fox News’s Brian Kilmeade Thursday night, Cameron questioned whether the Democrats can really claim to be the party of “tolerance,” considering they can’t accept minorities who decide to become Republicans. For Cameron’s part, he was proud to have joined the GOP at the age of 18. . .

Yet, we saw a similar example of intolerance in Kansas last week, when progressive activist Elizabeth Arnold accused the state GOP of recruiting congressional candidate Sara Hart Weir because of her looks. Weir was surprised by the claim, because she was under the impression she had jumped in the race to unseat Rep. Sharice Davids, not to participate in a beauty pageant.

People like Weir and Cameron are Republicans because they believe in the party’s ideals. And they are pursuing higher office because they have the experience to do so. (Read more from “Black Republican Candidate Has Proof That Liberals Aren’t Tolerant” HERE)

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