California Governor: Mass Shootings Caused by Toxic Masculinity

Kudos to California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom for finding something upon which to blame mass shootings other than President Trump or the Second Amendment. Unfortunately, Newsom’s scapegoat is just as ridiculous.

During an emergency meeting on gun violence on Monday, Newsom said that the conversation on mass shootings should focus on toxic masculinity, given that such shootings “overwhelmingly, almost exclusively, are [committed by] males, boys, men.”

“I do think that is missing in the national conversation,” Newsom said, according to HuffPost. “If there was anything more obvious, I don’t know what is, why it is that we’ve just come to accept that, that it’s been so normalized and sort of baked in, that it’s not even debated any longer. Why does it have to be, why is it men, dominantly, always?” . . .

“And I think that goes deep to the issue of how we raise our boys to be men, goes deeply to values that we tend to hold dear — power, dominance and aggression, over empathy, care, collaboration,” he continued. “That is a deeper conversation — forgive me — a more difficult one to have, but I want to just introduce that into this debate.”

Newsom, and the leftists who agree with him, fail to understand that traits like aggression and dominance can be deeply important for young men, when correctly directed. For instance, male aggression could be transformed into the courage required to face off against the kinds of toxic men that enact mass shootings. It’s the sort of courage that leads a man to lay down his life for others. Dominance could be transformed into leadership, providing young males an example to follow.

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