Jeffrey Epstein’s Pals Include Bill Gates; Israeli, South American Leaders; Mayors; Hollywood Personalities; Numerous Elites

By CNBC. Microsoft founder Bill Gates spoke more than once with Jeffrey Epstein, the late financier accused of child sex trafficking, to discuss ways to increase philanthropic spending, according to people with direct knowledge of the matter.

Epstein’s discussions with Gates included at least one meeting, which took place in New York in 2013, while Gates was still Microsoft’s chairman, these people said. It was unclear whether the two also spoke on the phone.

The discussions with Gates occurred years after Epstein served a 13-month sentence for a charge of soliciting an underage prostitute. Epstein was sentenced in 2008 in Palm Beach County.

The revelation is another piece of the rapidly growing mosaic depicting Epstein’s bizarre, confounding influence and ability to get into powerful circles. Gates’ interaction with Epstein is puzzling because the former Microsoft CEO is one of the richest and most influential people in the world. Gates could get philanthropic advice from anyone, and yet he corresponded with Epstein, whose transgressions were well known at the time. (Read more from “Years After Serving Jail Time, Jeffrey Epstein Found a Way to Meet with Microsoft’s Bill Gates to Discuss Philanthropy” HERE)


Israeli Politician Ehud Barak Often Crashed at Epstein Apartment Building, Neighbors Say

By The Daily Beast. The residents of 301 East 66th St. always knew Ehud Barak was there by the flashy cars parked outside and burly security guards in the lobby. The former Israeli prime minster’s visits were an open secret among the tenants of the Upper East Side building, which is owned by Jeffrey Epstein’s younger brother.

Several residents of 301 East 66th St. told The Daily Beast they had seen Barak in the building multiple times over the last few years, and nearly half a dozen more described running into his security detail. The building is majority-owned by Epstein’s younger brother, Mark, and has been tied to the financier’s alleged New York trafficking ring.

When asked about his stays at 301 E. 66th Street, Barak told The Daily Beast, “Despite the fact that there was no wrongdoing on my part, and that there is not even the faintest suspicion of wrongdoing on my part, I’m not going to address these questions because in the current political environment in Israel, the mere fact of my response to such a question is churned up as spin in the political game.”

“As a former prime minister I’m accompanied by bodyguards everywhere I go,” he added. (Read more from “Israeli Politician Ehud Barak Often Crashed at Epstein Apartment Building, Neighbors Say” HERE)


Ex-Miami Beach Mayor Says He Doesn’t Know How Jeffrey Epstein Got His Phone Numbers

By Miami New Times. To make something of a severe understatement, many questions remain in the wake of accused sex trafficker and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide last weekend. For Miamians, one particular question has gone unanswered: Why did the billionaire’s black book of contacts include 13 phone numbers for former Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine, a noted friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton?

Reached by text message yesterday, Levine told New Times he wasn’t sure.

“Think I met him possibly only two or three times, but briefly maybe over 15 years ago at events,” Levine wrote. “Never had a friendship or business relationship with him. Don’t remember ever giving him my full contact info but possibly did give him my contact card.”

Some of those 13 phone contacts include numbers for people listed as Levine’s driver and two housekeepers. Asked how Epstein obtained contact information for those people, Levine said he had no idea.

“[W]hen I read it, I was also surprised,” he responded. “I truly just don’t know.” (Read more from “Ex-Miami Beach Mayor Says He Doesn’t Know How Jeffrey Epstein Got His Phone Numbers” HERE)


Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Teen Sex Slave’ Gave Foot Rub to the Simpsons Creator Matt Groening

By The Sun. Jeffrey Epstein’s former “teen sex slave” claims she gave the creator of The Simpsons a foot massage but almost vomited over his “crusty” toes, court documents allege.

Hours before Epstein’s suicide on Saturday morning, a US court unlocked court papers from a defamation case filed by alleged victim Virginia Giuffre in 2015.

In the explosive docs, Virginia, who alleges she was abused by the convicted paedophile from the age of 15, claims she met legendary cartoonist Matt Groening, 65, on the wealthy banker’s private jet.

She claims Epstein asked to give The Simpsons creator a foot rub while flying from Carmel, California, to Los Angeles.

Virginia, now aged 35, claims the alleged incident happened around 20 years ago when she was aged 16. (Read more from “Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Teen Sex Slave’ Gave Foot Rub to the Simpsons Creator Matt Groening” HERE)


Epstein Traveled to Cuba at Castro’s Invitation, Former Colombian President Says

By Miami Herald. Millionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who was accused of sexually abusing minors and committed suicide last week in a federal lockup in Manhattan, traveled to Cuba at Fidel Castro’s invitation, according to Colombia’s former president, Andrés Pastrana, who said Wednesday he accompanied him on the trip.

“Amid journalistic revelations about horrifying and reprehensible sex scandals of financier Jeffrey Epstein, a trip of mine on his plane to Nassau, Bahamas has appeared, to transfer to the final destination of Havana, Cuba, invited by President Fidel Castro,” Pastrana said in a statement posted on Twitter on Wednesday. . .

The Colombian politician denied having been at Epstein’s “now infamous” private island in the Caribbean, off the coast of St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands, where the millionaire took famous guests allegedly to have sex with minors.

Flight records show that Pastrana was aboard one of Epstein’s private planes that left on March 20, 2003, from New Jersey’s Teterboro Airport headed to Palm Beach International Airport. Pastrana also appears in the manifest of another flight the next day from Palm Beach to Nassau International Airport in the Bahamas.

Records show Epstein, his girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell, and model executive Jean-Luc Brunel, on both flights. According to the documents, they all returned to Palm Beach, without Pastrana, from the Bahamas on March 23. (Read more from “Epstein Traveled to Cuba at Castro’s Invitation, Former Colombian President Says” HERE)

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