Medical Examiner Reveals Ruling on the Death of Jeffrey Epstein, Lawyers Vow to Conduct Own Investigation

By The Blaze. The New York City chief medical examiner said on Friday that they had concluded Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide in his jail cell, in support of the official account of his death. . .

The ruling comes six days after Epstein was found unresponsive in his Manhattan jail cell.

He reportedly tied the bedsheet around his neck with the other end tied to the top bunk of the bed in the cell. He got on his knees and leaned down with enough force to break several bones in his neck.

Epstein was charged with several counts of underage sex trafficking, and the case was widely believed to involve powerful and wealthy people. (Read more from “Medical Examiner Reveals Ruling on the Death of Jeffrey Epstein” HERE)


Jeffrey Epstein Autopsy Results ‘Show’ He Hanged Himself in Suicide

By The New York Times. The New York City medical examiner said on Friday that Jeffrey Epstein’s death in a federal jail cell was a suicide, confirming he had hanged himself. . .

But the chief medical examiner in New York City, Dr. Barbara Sampson, ruled out foul play. She released a terse statement saying that, after an autopsy and a “careful review of all investigative information,” she had determined the cause of Mr. Epstein’s death was “hanging” and the manner was “suicide.”

Three of Mr. Epstein’s lawyers, Martin G. Weinberg, Reid Weingarten and Michael Miller, challenged the findings and vowed to conduct their own investigation. (Read more from “Jeffrey Epstein Autopsy Results Show He Hanged Himself in Suicide” HERE)

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