WATCH: Chilling New Details Emerge About Dayton Mass Murder

On Tuesday’s Glenn Beck radio program, Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere (filling in for Glenn this week) discussed emerging new details about the mass murderer who killed nine people early Sunday morning in Dayton, Ohio.

Pat said that the killer’s sister and “best friend,” who drove him to the scene of the massacre, were among the first to be shot.

“His best friend drove him, he and his sister, to the nightclub, and then they were [among] the first ones he shot,” said Pat. “He killed his sister. He shot his best friend. His best friend was also on his hit list when he was in junior in high school … he had a hit list of people he wanted to kill, and he had a rape list of girls he wanted to rape.”

Pat and Stu also noted the killer’s “pornogrind metal band,” which was known for its songs about gore, violence (particularly sexual violence) and necrophilia, his extreme left-wing views, as well as his support for Antifa on social media.

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