Border Patrol Just Released New Illegal Crossing Numbers and It’s Clear Trump’s Policies Are Working

By Townhall. U.S. Customs and Border Protection released new apprehension numbers Monday afternoon proving President Trump’s tough border security policies are working.

“During the month of August, CBP apprehended or deemed inadmissible a total of 64,006 people. For July, that number was 82,055. This represents a decline of approximately 22%. Moreover, the August number reflects a decline of 56% since the May peak, which was a staggering 144,255,” Acting CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan announced.

Morgan released the numbers from the White House and stressed that while new policies are working, there is still a crisis at the border. Congress, which is back in session today after August recess, must change weak asylum laws and stop catch-and-release.

“President Trump negotiated with Guatemala to have migrants apply for asylum there rather than making the journey to the U.S. Thanks to President Trump’s negotiating, Mexico agreed to step up enforcement at their own borders and stop the flood of migrants from reaching the U.S. Mexico has apprehended about 134,000 people in just the past few months since the U.S. and Mexico reached the agreement. We have expanded the Migrant Protection Protocols to allow more asylum seekers to wait in Mexico while their cases proceed. As of September 1st, CBP has returned more than 41,500 individuals to Mexico under MPP,” the White House released in response to the significant decline. (Read more from “Border Patrol Just Released New Illegal Crossing Numbers and It’s Clear Trump’s Policies Are Working” HERE)


Convicted Sex-Offender Apprehended by Border Patrol Agents

By KFox14. A convicted sex-offender immigrant was apprehended by Border Patrol agents Friday at the Ysleta Border Patrol station. . .

After a brief pursuit, agents stopped both vehicles, according to agents. Seven people tried to flee and six were taken into custody, agents said. . .

Agents said Rivas-Marquez had been charged with multiple sex offenses against a victim under 13-years-old. (Read more from “Convicted Sex-Offender Apprehended by Border Patrol Agents” HERE)

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