Iran Threatens: We Can Produce 20 Percent Uranium in Two Days or Less

On Tuesday, Iranian officials asserted that the theocratic terror-supporting regime in Iran could produce 20% uranium in two days or less.

Behrouz Kamalvandi, spokesman for the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, boasted, “If Iran decides, it can have 20% enriched fuel within one to two days.” He added, “If the signatory states to the nuclear deal delay selling the 20% (enriched nuclear) fuel, it is Iran’s right to provide its needed fuel,” according to the Times of Israel, which added, “Uranium needs to be enriched to 90% to be used in a nuclear weapon and 20% purity is considered an important benchmark toward reaching weapons grade level.”

On Monday, Kamalvandi stated, “Iran’s uranium stockpile is on the rise and its heavy water equipment are working with full capacity,” according to Radio Farda. He added, “With the continuation of the inaction of the Europeans in carrying out their commitments [to the nuclear deal] … Iran will take a third step [in reducing commitments] in approximately one month,” as The Hill reported. The Hill noted, “Kamalvandi did not specify what Iran’s next violation would be, but Tehran warned last month it could reactivate centrifuge machines and ramp up enrichment of uranium even further.”

The Daily Mail noted that the 2015 nuclear deal that Great Britain, China, France, Russia, Germany and the United States reached with Iran which President Trump exited in 2018 stated that Iran is permitted to enrich fuel by 3.67%, but a U.N. watchdog warned that Iran is already enriching uranium up to 4.5%. (Read more from “Iran Threatens: We Can Produce 20 Percent Uranium in Two Days or Less” HERE)

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