Nancy Pelosi Has Fast-Tracked Impeachment. Here Is What That Means.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) announced late last week that she plans on “fast-tracking” an impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump, stemming from allegations that Trump demanded information about Joe Biden’s son from Ukrainian authorities.

USA Today reports that although Congress can’t officially “fast-track” an impeachment inquiry, House leaders can move as quickly as possible to get the inquiry on the calendar, and that’s precisely what Pelosi and her team intend to do.

So far, Democrats have had difficulty transitioning the evidence they’ve been provided into an open-and-shut case, but that’s not stopping a select House panel from scheduling depositions, even though Congress leaves this week for a two-week vacation ahead of the final session of the year. USA Today suggests that some in the Democratic leadership want articles of impeachment on the table by Thanksgiving so that the ensuing hearings have the greatest impact possible on the 2020 presidential election cycle (even if it looks like Democrats on the trail won’t benefit).

The impeachment inquiry is, at least, taking priority over the dozens of other investigation currently being pursued by various House committees. Any research being done into Donald Trump’s potential violations of the Constitution’s Emoluments Clause, questions about his campaign’s ties to Russian officials, or probes into whether the White House obstructed justice during Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation (or any other of a handful of Democratic deep dives) will now take a backseat to the Ukrainian issue, since that’s the issue du jour.

“The plan for now, according to lawmakers, is to prioritize the Ukraine investigation, which is being led by the House Intelligence Committee, while other panels wrap up their probes and send their best cases to the House Judiciary Committee,” USA Today reports. (Read more from “Nancy Pelosi Has Fast-Tracked Impeachment. Here Is What That Means.” HERE)

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